About Us

Overnight Newborn Care is a unique team of Newborn Care Specialists, Postpartum Doulas and Parent Educators, primarily working with infants, dedicated to providing the very best in services for your new baby or babies. We are experienced in caring for twins and triplets, our group specializes in long term, consistent care to help sleep condition your infant.

Our Overnight Newborn Care Specialists come to your home to care for your baby for the overnight hours. This helps you get some much needed rest and enables us to help you sleep condition your infant. We have found most of our clients prefer to have their newborn to themselves during the day since they are well rested.  While we are primarily overnight care some of our Newborn Care Specialists or Postpartum Doulas are available to come to your home during the day or in the busy evening hours to help with infant care while you have dinner, and allow you to take care of your other children's needs. This will help to to insure your infant's smooth transition into the family.

Location We Serve

  • Washington DC

  • Northern Virginia

  • Anne Arundel County

  • Maryland

  • Howard County

  • Montgomery County

  • Baltimore

  • Frederick County

  • Carroll County