Testimonials - See why people love our nannies! 

M.W- Washington DC

"When I was pregnant with my third child I was encouraged by a friend to call Teresa, whom I had also known though my children's pediatrician. I had never hired an overnight newborn care specialist before because I had a daytime nanny and felt it was extravagant. Furthermore, I had a vision of an overnight specialist being more of a nuisance than a support. My friend however, convinced me that having Teresa was exactly what I needed, and she was absolutely right, Due to a difficult delivery I was put on bed rest.  Teresa and Rachel came over a two month period and as a result my baby daughter and I thrived. I maintained a healthy sleep schedule while my daughter learned to sleep through the night. I was very impressed with their expertise and knowledge about infants and the ease with which they cared for my child."

K.E.- Washington DC

"Teresa is a very caring person who came into our lives at exactly the right time. After a rather unexpected difficult delivery, I was thrilled that we had already contracted Teresa to care for our son at night.  I needed time to sleep so I could properly heal.

Having Teresain our home at night was exactly what I needed to be a caring , effective new mother during the day. I honestly don't know what we would have done the first three months without her.

She is masterful at questions about our son's development. breastfeeding, and sleeping routines. She works in our pediatrician's office so I was confident in her advice and experience.  I have recommended herto friends and they too have appreciated her and her network of Overnight Newborn Care Specialists.  Whether you are a new mom or a veteran, Teresa will help you sleep and teach you something new."

Diana and Raphael - Washington DC

"Anita arrived on our doorstep to provide overnight newborn care just a few days after we brought our newborn triplets home.  We felt comfortable with her immediately and knew the babies would be in great and very capable hands, but each morning we are reminded of what a great find Anita is.  She has an incredibly warm personality, but also a very gentle and wonderful way with babies.  She shares her extensive knowledge and experience with you in a helpful, but non intrusive way.  We loved having Anita in our home and her assistance has been invaluable (not to mention the sleep we got!)."

"Teresa was a lifesaver for us during our newborns first two weeks at home. With three older siblings at home andmom recovering from a c-section, it was important for my husband to get restand for me to get as much sleep and healing time as possible. Teresa was such a calming, supportive, and knowledgeable presence. I felt completely safe and secure in her care. Even as fourth time parents,we learned new tips and newborn care information that helped us sooth our baby. I was able to sleep soundly knowing our infant was in Teresa's care.  She supported me exclusively breastfeeding. We can't recommend her enough."

Tara and John- Bethesda, MD

"Anita did a wonderful job for us. When our son was 4.5 months old, I was back at work but he was still getting up 3-4 times a night. Anita helped us get some sorely needed rest on multiple nights when we absolutely needed to catch up on sleep. She also gave us great tips on getting him to sleep longer. She was always a joy to be around, and our son seemed comforted by her as well. She also wrote lengthy descriptive notes for us on how his evenings were, which were a treat to read the next day. We can't say enough good things about her."

Lore and Barak - Washington DC

"In the fall of 2010, we employed Anita to assist us during the night following the birth of our third child though about 3 months of age.  We strongly recommend Anita for her reliable, expert and high quality care and for her amiable and warm personality.  Anita was dependable and supportive throughout her time with us and flexible enough in her schedule to work with our needs.  She took excellent care of our infant and she eased into our home-life smoothly and graciously.  We can recommend Anita to you without reservation."

Carrie and Amit - Washington DC

"When I think back to the time my second daughter was just four weeks old, all I can do is smile because I am so grateful that I called Tammy. Tammy came to us at a point where both my husband and I were just exhausted and needed an extra hand.  This was my first time using someone to help us at night and I was very hesitant for the fact that someone else would be soothing my baby.  I felt like she was doing my job as a mother, but, because of Tammy I was able to be a better mother to both my newborn and my two year old during the day and evening.  I felt very comfortable leaving my newborn with Tammy and even if I heard her crying ( for only a few seconds), I knew she was soothing her and she was in good hands.  I would not only recommend Tammy to any mother out there but I would use her again if we have another baby.  Having Tammy was one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Jill& Mitch - Washington DC

"Linda Lindsay helped me my first week with my Sophia. I am very pleased with the service I received. Linda was so helpful during my first week home after giving birth to my little Sophia. She has such a sweet disposition and is soft spoken which was calming during an exhausting and a stressful (breastfeeding for the first time!) time for me. The extra sleep I got since Linda was there was lifesaving, really. I definitely will recommend the service to new mommies to be."


"We hired Linda Lindsay, who is a part of a self-organized group of ladies called 'Overnight Newborn Care' to help us with our 1.5 week old twins. She helped us through the rough times & made it look effortless. She was always prompt, if not early. She came in and washed her hands before doing anything. She took both babies and even though we share a bedroom wall with them, we didn't hear a peep from them for 8 hours! I can't recommend Linda highly enough for anyone looking for a Newborn Care Specialist . She was flexible 2-5 nights a week, for 1 week or 2 months."


"Having Lauranda come to care for my newborn at night allowed me to be ready and rested to parent her and her big brother during the day.  Lauranda was competent, kind, and always had my baby's best interest at heart.  I can't imagine how hard it would have been without her."

J.M., Berryville, VA

"Janinne helped us with night care for both of our girls and was extremely knowledgeable and also very reliable. She really knows her stuff and we never once had to worry about the babies while she was with them."


"Kimberly is a baby whisperer! She always knew how to soothe our son and had an amazing ability to figure out what was causing him distress. We had two horrible nights in a row on our own and she identified the problem (too dry of a room) and suggested how to remedy the situation. Result? Happy, sleeping baby! She is incredibly dedicated not only to helping in the moment but in thinking ahead to create good habits and schedules for the baby. I felt like she was a member of our family the way she cared for our son and would troubleshoot whatever issues would arise with amazing expertise. If we have another child, I am calling her the minute I know I'm pregnant!" 


"The best baby nurses around. Very well trained. Native English speakers. American and British. They were recommended by my pediatrician's office."


"Teresa, Thank you for all your help and support getting our baby started with such great sleep habits. He has been sleeping 10 plus hours a night since he was 9 weeks old."

JR - Kensington, MD

"Teresa, Thank you for your help. M has been sleeping well at night and is doing very well! You helped us enormously and gave great recommendations and advice."


"Janinne was the consummate professional and also personable and pleasant.  She is honest,dependable and hard- working. I would not think twice about hiring her again. She made first-time parenthood a little less daunting for myself and my husband,and we are very grateful for her help in those first two formative weeks!"


"Being a doula is a natural next step for Linda. She has a strong passion for her work and it shines through as soon as you meet her. She is always willing to help and has an incredible work ethic. It has been a privilege and blessing to have Linda with us as we welcomed our children into the world. She has truly become part of our family. Every mom should be so lucky as to have the love, support and expertise of someone like Linda."